Seeking investigator candidates

Dinolt Becnel & Wells Investigative Group LLC currently has an opening for an Investigator. Our office is committed to improving cultural diversity and inclusion among our colleagues and throughout the community of private investigators. We seek candidates who share our commitment to providing the best representation to our clients. In recruiting ...

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A Memo to the File

Philip Becnel published an excerpt of Principles of Investigative Documentation in Pursuit Magazine. The article, called “A Memo to the File,” relates an experience when a client rudely chastised one of our investigators because he did not like the content of a report she wrote. The attorney’s behavior spurred Philip ...

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Principles of Investigative Documentation, Second Edition, Out Now!

Principles of Investigative Documentation, Second Edition, came out yesterday. A collaboration between Philip Becnel, Alexandra Becnel, and former-Dinolt-investigator-turned-attorney Scott Krischke, the book details how to document an investigation using what Philip originally coined as the “Five Principles of Investigative Documentation.” The authors reworked the Second Edition into a pseudo-memoir in Philip’s ...

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