Most states in the United States and many foreign countries require businesses to obtain private investigator or private detective licenses to operate in those jurisdictions. Requirements for licenses vary, but they often include training, exams and proof of experience in the field. Almost all states and the District of Columbia require private investigators to successfully pass a background check. We are licensed private investigators in Virginia and West Virginia, and licensed private detectives in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Further, Virginia has limited reciprocity agreements with Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. This agreement allows us to operate lawfully as private investigators in these states under certain restrictions. To operate in areas where we are not licensed or where it is not economically feasible to travel, we hire licensed affiliates who are closely supervised by a lead investigator or case manager at our firm.


Our firm is licensed in the following jurisdictions:

Washington, D.C. (0925)
Maryland (106-3201)
Virginia (11-4154)
West Virginia (32937)