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We’re thrilled to announce that Dinolt Becnel & Wells Investigative Group LLC has been named the “Best Private Investigations Provider” of 2016 by the National Law Journal!

There are a lot of private investigators in the United States, and Washington, D.C. in particular—famous for its per capita population of attorneys—is a crowded place for those marketing their services to the legal community. There are scores of firms in D.C. alone. There are firms with kitschy names, and some with owners who have a zillion years of experience in various three-letter agencies. Law firms have the choice to hire any private investigator they want, and there are a lot of options out there—some great and some not so great. It’s for this reason that our designation as the “best” of the lot, given by a popular vote of the legal community, makes us so proud.

We’re not going to gloat though, because we recognize that the prize actually belongs to the attorneys and legal assistants who routinely put their faith in our investigators and who cast their votes. We may be pretty good at what we do, but it’s our clients who are really responsible for our success. It’s our clients who trust us and give us challenging things to investigate, who tell us when we did a good job, who tell us when we can do something differently or better—and who then hire us again for their next challenge. We want to be the best, but more importantly we want to like the people who we’re working for and to know that our investigations are as valuable to them as they are exhilarating for us.

To our clients, thank you for your trust in us.