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We’re so excited to announce that Dinolt Becnel & Wells Investigative Group LLC has again been named the “Best Private Investigations Provider” of 2015 by the Legal Times! We are by any measure a small company in a very crowded market, so the fact that we have been able to stand out in a popular vote cast by the legal community makes us particularly proud of our work and grateful to the clients who put their faith in our investigators.

There is no secret to what makes us stand out: we love doing investigations! We love the moment of finding someone who our client believed could never be found. We love solving complex problems that seemingly didn’t have solutions. We live and breathe investigative databases and surveillance techniques, and we’re constantly training to be better private investigators. We’re not in this for the money, and we’re not activists either; we’re geeks who are simply obsessed with the process of doing investigations.

Thank you to the attorneys and legal assistants who cast their vote for our firm, and thank you for allowing us to follow our passion. Without you, this would just be another job.