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Investigator Scott Krischke was featured on Forensics:You Decide. The episode featured the defense investigation that led to the acquittal of Zukael Stephens in the 2006 Baltimore murder of transvestite Marcus Rogers, despite that the prosecutor had what they thought was a surveillance video of Stephens leaving Rogers’ apartment within minutes after the murder. Dinolt Becnel & Wells Investigative Group was hired by the law firm Clifford Chance to conduct an investigation in preparation for Stephen’s parole-revocation hearing, and Scott was the assigned private investigator on the case. The program, which aired on the Investigation Discovery Channel, featured Scott talking about his investigation and about the defense theory that led to Stephens’ exoneration. Both defense counsel with Clifford Chance and Stephens gave explicit permission for Scott to discuss the case on television. You can find a description of the episode here.