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Joe Belfiore was quoted in an article in the Washington City Paper article, called “The Other Side of Police Chief Cathy Lanier’s Legacy.” The article was a follow-up article to “The Thinned Blue Line,” which cited the former D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) detective as one among many seasoned police officers who have left the department in recent years.

Asked about the distinction between “fixed posts,” which have been a mainstay of the MPD under Chief Lanier, and reportedly ineffective “stationary posts,” like the one established following the July shooting death of a Democratic National Committee staffer, Joe pointed out that there is no meaningful distinction and he called upon Chief Lanier to acknoweldge such practices are ineffective, if that is in fact what she believes. “I think the public would respect her honesty about that and I know that officers would.”

Chief Lanier recently announced that she would be leaving the MPD to work for the NFL.