Conduct Surveillance

Substantiating a wife’s intuition

A client on the West Coast engaged our firm because she learned her husband, who claimed to be working and living on a ship, might in fact be stationed at a military base in Maryland. Married to the man for several years—with two young children by him—our client suspected her husband, routinely gone for months at a time, was hiding part of his life from her. After he was discharged from the Navy, the man worked briefly as a police officer and then went back to working for the Navy as a civilian. He claimed to his wife that this job required him to be at sea for long stretches, but she never questioned this story until shortly before hiring our firm.

We started our investigation by closely examining the husband’s address history all the way back to when he served in the U.S. Navy. We quickly identified a rental house in Arlington, Virginia, where the husband had received mail for the past two or three years. Upon further research, we identified a female Navy veteran who apparently resided at the same house. This woman’s social media was locked down, but some deep web searches turned up a baby registry with her—and our client’s husband—listed as the parents.

We helped unravel a shocking case of love fraud.

We searched vital records and found a marriage certificate that confirmed our client’s husband had been married to this other woman for three years, despite also being legally married to our client. Thereafter, we did surveillance on the house and recorded video of the man holding his infant daughter, who he was raising in secret with his second wife.

By combining expert research with surveillance, we helped unravel a shocking case of love fraud, thereby helping our client achieve a clean divorce from a horrendous liar, and a new life.