For those interested in applying for investigator positions at our firm, minimum requirements include a four-year college degree, at least one year of full-time investigative or applicable experience (such as conducting interviews or surveillance), exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and a highly ethical character. All unsolicited applicants (those not sent in response to a job posting) must have an active Virginia DCJS private investigator registration. Unsolicited resumes collected from qualified applicants are considered first, before we post new job openings. All applicants for private investigator positions must currently reside in the D.C. area.

Many of our best investigators have had backgrounds in journalism, marketing, and law enforcement. Multilingual candidates and are also highly desirable.

Our investigator positions are full-time and nonexempt, and they include company-paid health insurance, a company-contributed retirement account, and eligibility for tuition reimbursement. All candidates must pass a thorough background check. For general information about working as a private investigator, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook.

We strongly recommend that you connect with us on our social media accounts (links below) to learn about job openings as soon as they happen.


For general information about working as a private investigator:
Occupational Outlook Handbook


Please email us if you are interested in applying as a private investigator at our firm.